v Quickbooks Desktop Vs Online Edition

Quickbooks Desktop Vs Online Edition

The online version of QuickBooks is a great tool for some clients. Customers who have third party applications that integrate with QuickBooks need the client version and this is where we can help.

For end customers

We host the product along with ability to store all your company files through your desktop – QuickBooks Online doesn’t offer this
Third party products – We host them too, the online version doesn’t do this
When QuickBooks is installed at a client’s site it has far more functionality than the online version. Clients who have the on premise version, SOS can host and take away the need for a server/network and installation of the products
If you have other software that needs to be hosted to eliminate the need for a server we host these too

For QuickBooks experts and Bookkeepers:

You can have as many QuickBooks files as your like hosted with us
We take away the need for you to have a server
If you add staff to your business they can work from anywhere there is an internet connection and still have full access to all company files
If your clients use our service we give you free user access to support them.

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