v Disadvantages Of Buying A Server

Disadvantages Of Buying A Server

Buying a server for your business involves a significant amount of technical knowledge, it can be a very time-consuming and costly process.

When buying a server there are many factors you need to make decision on, if you are not an IT specialist this can be a very difficult task even with the help of an expert. You will need to make decision on all of the following when buying a server:

What load and users will you require?
How much Storage space do you required and allow for future growth?
What Licensing?
For Windows server
For Windows users
Database licensing
Microsoft office licensing
Forecast future growth – for storage and user licenses
What Anti Virus do you want and how much are you prepared to pay?
What Spam Filters – Hosted or appliance?
Email hosting – Internal or external?
What Fire Walls do you want setup?
Do you need switches and what speed?
Do you want VOIP setup?
Do you want backup software?
Do you have or need Disaster recovery procedures?
Do you want to have access to your server remotely like from home? Do you need then a terminal server?

From our experience buying a server has caused the following problems for customers

Expensive upfront costs $5,000-$10,000 plus
Owning your server means if it breaks you will have to pay for a IT consultant to come and fix it $100-300 per hour
When your business grows or decreases in size you are up for significant licensing costs and possibly additional hardware for your existing server, if you didn’t allow for enough growth on your current server
When your server goes down and you can’t access your business software you loose productivity, 1-2 days/weeks/months per year?
When you buy a server it is based on your current requirements, when your business requirements change you have already invested in the server. This means more $$ to change the server to bring it up to speed where you need to be. This also takes time for new hardware and software to arrive and be installed and configured.
Your server dies, and your backups are not current. You end up having to re-enter 1-2 years worth of data (if you have the hard copies). How much has this cost you or could cost you?
If your server dies, gets burnt down in a fire, how long will it take you to get back and operational?

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