v Benefits of Sage 50 to Canadian Businesses

Benefits of Sage 50 to Canadian Businesses

If you are running a business of any kind, you will obviously have to be concerned about the management of your accounts. A company that does not manage their accounts efficiently is headed for some issues.

Fortunately, there is software that you can incorporate into your business to streamline the execution of your accounting tasks. Sage 50 is a perfect example of this type of business accounting software.

Over the years, the software has helped many business owners to increase their efficiency, earnings and even reputation across their audience of customers. Irrespective of the scale of your business, Sage can prove to be pivotal in as far as enabling you to seamlessly and effortlessly manage your accounting tasks.

The program works in three main ways. You can choose to install it on your business server or sign up for a cloud hosted version or HOST with SOS. It is quite advantageous to use the cloud hosted version of the software based on the numerous benefits that come with it.

Here is an up close look at what the cloud-based software is all about and what it has to offer to business.

Time saving

Relieve yourself of the worries that come with owning and maintaining an expensive server and have it hosted in the cloud. Instead of being worried about the sound state of the program at all times, you can concentrate on other issues affecting your business. There is someone taking care of your software while you sit back and relax while enjoying the great benefits. The software is also robust and runs smoothly on all occasions.

Like most business programs that are available today, Sage also comes with features that enable users to input data. Most of the data is not supposed to be exposed or given to a third party. Based on this, the need to have a reliable firewall system is critical. The cloud hosting comes with a 99% uptime guarantee and 100% virus free, and it comes with firewall support which is available on a 24/7 basis. Therefore, the security of your data is the last thing you will need to worry about.

Storage of data
In business accounting, the need for the correct storage of data cannot is vital. You need to store a lot of financial information. The software comes with a provision for the input and storage of data ranging from payment details to the number of invoices.

Access the software and data from anywhere in the world
When you use the cloud hosted software, you will be able to gain access to its features from anywhere in the world. One of the advantages is that you will be able to access all the features of the software from any device, provided it is compatible and has the internet. In other words, the software enables you to do business from anywhere on the globe using almost any device.

Handle multiple accounting tasks seamlessly and effortlessly

Most importantly, Sage 50 cloud comes with an extensive list of accounting features. Here are some of the most notable features that accompany the cloud software.

Invoice creation
Create invoices in a single click and send them to your clients straight away. You can also check the invoices, which have been cleared & which have not.

Payment of bills
Receive and check bills from different sources and get to clear them as often as the need arises. There is no losing track of which bills have been cleared, those soon to be due and those who have not been cleared yet.

Inventory management
Manage your business inventory seamlessly and effortless. You can easily tell whether your company’s inventory is expanding in size or not.

Vendors and purchases
Manage vendor lists and purchases to keep track of the details associated with each purchase.

Customer list
Seamlessly and effortlessly manage your customer lists. Also, you can know which customers are meeting your demands and which ones are not.executives discussing financial reports

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