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The hosting services we provide are simplified for our customers with a monthly fee, guaranteed up time and back ups.

Our model is easy to understand and we grow with your business

You tell us how many users you have and your cost is the users*monthly fee
We have a one time setup fee
If you have more staff or less, simply tell us and we will change your bill.
After activating a user account it we will charge for a minimum 3 months. After that you can take the user away at no charge if it is no longer required.
If you want to restore a back up of your data, let us know and we will have it
Our service level includes one restore from back up per month
We guarantee the access to your server for maximum up time
Since 1999 we have been able to provide our customers with over 99% up time
You can access your server from anywhere in the world with an internet connection
Mobility is key in today’s work environment. Open your laptop in a hotel, airport etc and you can be connected in a matter of seconds

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