Why Data Backups Are So Important For Canadian Businesses

One thing that business of all size needs to worry about is, where are their data backups and are they secure. Every business has data circulating in it, and this information is what keeps most enterprises running properly.

On a daily basis, some business owners complain of data loss either due to the malfunctioning of the hardware it was stored on or a virus that has corrupted the files or the machine in general. In some instances, accidents typically occur that can destroy data in a lightning speed; theft is also common particularly when the data can be accessed easily by almost anyone.

To counter all this, data backups are essential to ensure the data either in files or folders are copied or archived on a different site in their original form but can be accessed at any time in case the data has been lost from its original server.

Why it is necessary to use data backups
It is better to be safe than sorry, a lot of business owners had complained that they were hesitant to use data backups since they thought it was unnecessary but came to find out that it was quite useful when they lost data that was vital to their business. Using a data backup system should be a priority for any business as it ensures the smooth running of these businesses without any worries.

• In many businesses, a lot of the employees have access to the data while still working on the premises, but what happens when those employees stop working there? Since these businesses take time before changing their passwords, some of the previous employees may be able to corrupt data without anyone noticing and may probably cause havoc.

• Having offsite backups may be quite useful in situations where the business data is destroyed in the premises, but they can still be restored by the owners as the data had been stored on a different site.

• It is entirely possible to delete data without sometimes knowing as it can be a mistake but if you have backups stored somewhere else, one can quickly salvage it.

Factors to consider before using data backups
Before any Canadian business owner decides to choose a particular data backup plan, there are a few things that are important to contemplate on:
• The time you intend to use on copying those files and eventually retrieving them as some backup systems are faster than others to save on time.

• Your budget as it is important to spend only within your means, therefore, you need to have a rough estimate of how much you intend to devote to the hardware and software that are involved in the backup process.

• The security of the data. If your business operates on a lot of sensitive and critical data, then you will need a system that is more secure and quite limiting on who accesses it.

General tips when using data backups
Automate the data backup so that you are consistent with your data uploads and do not miss inputting any new business ideas, new strategies or emerging issues. One should also keep up with the changes in technology that may need you to update your backup site.

It is advisable to use multiple backup systems at a time so that you have a variety to help you. You can also group your business data in different backup sites so that you have an easy time accessing the information. Moreover, if one site is comprised, you have an alternative where you can still retrieve the data.

Use a secure backup system that people can easily comprehend how it works and that they have an ample time. If you aren’t that sure, seek the advice of an IT specialist as they will work hand in hand with you till you are in a position to comfortably operate the data backup.

All in all, backing up the data relating to your business should be one of the primary concerns of any business operator in Canada. Consider the above tips and find yourself a data backup plan as soon as possible.

Sage 300 Online Vs Client Version Hosted

The online version of Sage 300 is a great tool for some clients. Customers who have third-party applications that integrate with Sage 300 need the client version and this is where SOS can help.

For end customers

We host the product which gives the client the ability to store all the company files through your desktop – Sage 300 Online can’t do this
Third party products – We host them too, the online version has very limited third-party products.
If your customer has other software that needs to be hosted to eliminate the need for a server we host these too
When Sage 300 is installed at a client’s site it has far more functionality than the online version. Clients who have the on-premise version, SOS can host and take away the need for a server/network and installation of the products.

For Sage 300 business partners:

We take away the need to know how to install and trouble shoot Sage 300 software
You still sell the software to the customer and receive your commissions and partner margin tier credits
If your clients use our service we give you free user access to support them

Benefits of Sage 50 to Canadian Businesses

If you are running a business of any kind, you will obviously have to be concerned about the management of your accounts. A company that does not manage their accounts efficiently is headed for some issues.

Fortunately, there is software that you can incorporate into your business to streamline the execution of your accounting tasks. Sage 50 is a perfect example of this type of business accounting software.

Over the years, the software has helped many business owners to increase their efficiency, earnings and even reputation across their audience of customers. Irrespective of the scale of your business, Sage can prove to be pivotal in as far as enabling you to seamlessly and effortlessly manage your accounting tasks.

The program works in three main ways. You can choose to install it on your business server or sign up for a cloud hosted version or HOST with SOS. It is quite advantageous to use the cloud hosted version of the software based on the numerous benefits that come with it.

Here is an up close look at what the cloud-based software is all about and what it has to offer to business.

Time saving

Relieve yourself of the worries that come with owning and maintaining an expensive server and have it hosted in the cloud. Instead of being worried about the sound state of the program at all times, you can concentrate on other issues affecting your business. There is someone taking care of your software while you sit back and relax while enjoying the great benefits. The software is also robust and runs smoothly on all occasions.

Like most business programs that are available today, Sage also comes with features that enable users to input data. Most of the data is not supposed to be exposed or given to a third party. Based on this, the need to have a reliable firewall system is critical. The cloud hosting comes with a 99% uptime guarantee and 100% virus free, and it comes with firewall support which is available on a 24/7 basis. Therefore, the security of your data is the last thing you will need to worry about.

Storage of data
In business accounting, the need for the correct storage of data cannot is vital. You need to store a lot of financial information. The software comes with a provision for the input and storage of data ranging from payment details to the number of invoices.

Access the software and data from anywhere in the world
When you use the cloud hosted software, you will be able to gain access to its features from anywhere in the world. One of the advantages is that you will be able to access all the features of the software from any device, provided it is compatible and has the internet. In other words, the software enables you to do business from anywhere on the globe using almost any device.

Handle multiple accounting tasks seamlessly and effortlessly

Most importantly, Sage 50 cloud comes with an extensive list of accounting features. Here are some of the most notable features that accompany the cloud software.

Invoice creation
Create invoices in a single click and send them to your clients straight away. You can also check the invoices, which have been cleared & which have not.

Payment of bills
Receive and check bills from different sources and get to clear them as often as the need arises. There is no losing track of which bills have been cleared, those soon to be due and those who have not been cleared yet.

Inventory management
Manage your business inventory seamlessly and effortless. You can easily tell whether your company’s inventory is expanding in size or not.

Vendors and purchases
Manage vendor lists and purchases to keep track of the details associated with each purchase.

Customer list
Seamlessly and effortlessly manage your customer lists. Also, you can know which customers are meeting your demands and which ones are not.executives discussing financial reports


The hosting services we provide are simplified for our customers with a monthly fee, guaranteed up time and back ups.

Our model is easy to understand and we grow with your business

You tell us how many users you have and your cost is the users*monthly fee
We have a one time setup fee
If you have more staff or less, simply tell us and we will change your bill.
After activating a user account it we will charge for a minimum 3 months. After that you can take the user away at no charge if it is no longer required.
If you want to restore a back up of your data, let us know and we will have it
Our service level includes one restore from back up per month
We guarantee the access to your server for maximum up time
Since 1999 we have been able to provide our customers with over 99% up time
You can access your server from anywhere in the world with an internet connection
Mobility is key in today’s work environment. Open your laptop in a hotel, airport etc and you can be connected in a matter of seconds

Disadvantages Of Buying A Server

Buying a server for your business involves a significant amount of technical knowledge, it can be a very time-consuming and costly process.

When buying a server there are many factors you need to make decision on, if you are not an IT specialist this can be a very difficult task even with the help of an expert. You will need to make decision on all of the following when buying a server:

What load and users will you require?
How much Storage space do you required and allow for future growth?
What Licensing?
For Windows server
For Windows users
Database licensing
Microsoft office licensing
Forecast future growth – for storage and user licenses
What Anti Virus do you want and how much are you prepared to pay?
What Spam Filters – Hosted or appliance?
Email hosting – Internal or external?
What Fire Walls do you want setup?
Do you need switches and what speed?
Do you want VOIP setup?
Do you want backup software?
Do you have or need Disaster recovery procedures?
Do you want to have access to your server remotely like from home? Do you need then a terminal server?

From our experience buying a server has caused the following problems for customers

Expensive upfront costs $5,000-$10,000 plus
Owning your server means if it breaks you will have to pay for a IT consultant to come and fix it $100-300 per hour
When your business grows or decreases in size you are up for significant licensing costs and possibly additional hardware for your existing server, if you didn’t allow for enough growth on your current server
When your server goes down and you can’t access your business software you loose productivity, 1-2 days/weeks/months per year?
When you buy a server it is based on your current requirements, when your business requirements change you have already invested in the server. This means more $$ to change the server to bring it up to speed where you need to be. This also takes time for new hardware and software to arrive and be installed and configured.
Your server dies, and your backups are not current. You end up having to re-enter 1-2 years worth of data (if you have the hard copies). How much has this cost you or could cost you?
If your server dies, gets burnt down in a fire, how long will it take you to get back and operational?

Quickbooks Desktop Vs Online Edition

The online version of QuickBooks is a great tool for some clients. Customers who have third party applications that integrate with QuickBooks need the client version and this is where we can help.

For end customers

We host the product along with ability to store all your company files through your desktop – QuickBooks Online doesn’t offer this
Third party products – We host them too, the online version doesn’t do this
When QuickBooks is installed at a client’s site it has far more functionality than the online version. Clients who have the on premise version, SOS can host and take away the need for a server/network and installation of the products
If you have other software that needs to be hosted to eliminate the need for a server we host these too

For QuickBooks experts and Bookkeepers:

You can have as many QuickBooks files as your like hosted with us
We take away the need for you to have a server
If you add staff to your business they can work from anywhere there is an internet connection and still have full access to all company files
If your clients use our service we give you free user access to support them.

Supported Fields

Cloud Server Hosting is applicable to all industries.

At present we support the following verticals

– Accounting / Legal / Financial

– Medical

– Oil & Gas / Mining

– Engineering/Construction /Manufacturing

– Government / Not for profit

Sage 50

Sage 50

Anybody who runs a small business knows that having the right accounting software can make all the difference between a successful business and a failing business. To achieve the goal of having a successful business, you can use use Sage 50 cloud based accounting program because, without it, your business can become a financial wasteland. Just what does this excellent cloud-based program do for you, well it will bring to you to best in class accounting standards, affordable plans for all kinds of small businesses and so much more that it would be impossible to list it all right here.

A small business should use this software because it will help in simplifying your business management, help you get paid faster with the Sage Accounting program, which also helps with making payments to folks as well. This software is so easy to use that anybody can start it up and go, plus with the payroll processing and customer payment processing, this is a program your business needs right now.
sage-50Payroll benefits were mentioned earlier, and let’s delve a little deeper in this because sage 50 has some of the best pay programmings in the market right now. The software will automatically calculate tax deductions and any other deductions from the employees paychecks, which makes handing out those paychecks to your employees a much simpler process. To pay your employees, you must also make some money as well, which is another way that this excellent program helps you out. That is said because when you have this program, you have a program that will make customer payment processing so natural that both the business owner and the customer will have an amazing experience together.Accountant running over figuresThat is possible because this hosted software makes sure that there are little to no errors with payment processing, plus the speed in which the program handles credit card transactions is simply awe inspiring. Every small business needs somebody to manage the accounting side of things, and this excellent hosted program will help you with that as well.

The program known as Sage 50 helps with accounting by first making the program easy to use, handling customer business invoices, pay bills for your small business, manage your inventory as it grows and helps your small business stay on the top of any potential banking situations. This program does it all for any small business and to not take advantage of this program could turn out to be very detrimental for your small business. Anybody who owns a small business would like to see it one day turn into a large business, but that cannot be done without the great software accounting program known as Sage 50 on your side.


We provide the best hosting services for QuickBooks. By using our hosting services we take away costly problems and give you peace of mind and let you concentrate on running your business.

We can host the following versions of QuickBooks

  • Quickbooks 2013
  • Quickbooks 2014
  • Quickbooks 2015
  • Quickbooks 2016

We host the following third party applications that integrate with Quickbooks

  • Profile by Intuit
  • Case ware
  • CaseWare QuickBooks Export Utility
  • Telpay
  • DropBox

Quickbooks is an important financial accounting software created for use by businesses. The software has an assortment of features that are aimed to help entrepreneurs in managing their accounting functions, which include financial reporting, credit management, accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Quickbooks is the ideal accounting software for both small and mid-sized businesses. The program is extremely adaptable to many small businesses. Business owners can prepare customized documents and reports according to their needs of activities.

It will save your time when it comes to bookkeeping and paperwork because most of the simple accounting tasks are handled automatically. This makes it easier for you to run your business. With this software, you can also generate the reports to help you know where your business stands. That means you can instantly know if your company is making profits or losses. With this information, you can quickly make the timely decision if you sense any problem with your business finances.

Here are the benefits of using Quickbooks

Money Managment

This program has features designed to help small businesses to manage their money. The software allows the users to enter the payment information and due dates for all the recurring bills. When the bills are due, business owners can print the checks directly from the Quickbooks. Each transaction will be recorded for future reference. Also, entrepreneurs can also link their bank account to this accounting program. Apart from affording the convenience of seeing all your financial records, this feature also helps you to eliminate the paper bank statements.

Managers discussing reports
Expense Billing

When doing business, professionals tend to rack up their costs which they later bill to their clients. Some of these bills may include small purchases. Meals and mileage, or even significant expenditures such as international travel. No matter the size or the type of expense, this program allows the users to record each one of them easily. Also, all expenses can be saved according to job or client, which eliminates the need of reconciling them manually.

User Friendly

The program has been designed to be user-friendly. By the click of a button, you can activate the program’s features. It also saves your typing time by sharing the data between it and many other business software applications such Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word, and ACT. The software is a stable, reliable and proven program.

Sales Invoicing

Quickbooks helps in tracking sales and creating receipts and invoice by the touch of a button. You can send invoices to your clients electronically via email. This program also allows you to bill your customers individually or multiple at one time. The feature that assists you to bill in bulk comes in handy when charging your multiple customers for the same service.


Users of this program can create different financial reports. The reports include expenses, year-over-year income, trends and forecasting documents. Each of these financial reports can easily be exported to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and sent via email.

Accepting Credit Cards

With Quickbooks, you can accept credit cards. The merchant account service allows the users to take credit cards without any problem. The merchant account service is the only available credit card acceptance service that has been integrated with the Quickbooks program. There is no additional software/hardware required to use this service. This means your customers can use their Mastercard, Visa or American Express.

Quick Online Payment

You will be able to receive your payments faster with Quickbooks online payments. By sending statements or invoices using this program’s online billing, your customers will quickly pay you using their credit cards or bank account transfer. This eliminates the use of checks.

You can customize the program

This program allows you to customize it so that it can work the way you want. The accounting software is specially designed to be adaptable and flexible to different types of businesses. And to broaden its appeal, Quickbooks was added some more customized accounting packages to cater for Contractors, Healthcare Professionals, Retailers and Non-Profit Organizations.

Help to design a business plan

With Quickbooks, small businesses can develop their plan of activities, especially when trying to secure a small business loan or plan for the future. The program can create a nicely projected balance sheet, statement of cash flows, and profit and loss statement.

Sage 300 CRM

Sage 300

We provide hosting services for Sage 300, Sage CRM, Sage 50 and QuickBooks. By using our hosting services we take away costly problems and give you peace of mind.

We can host the following versions of Sage 300.

  • Sage 300 2014
  • Sage 300 2016
  • Sage 300 C

We support the following versions of Sage CRM

  • Sage 300 CRM 7.2
  • Sage 300 CRM 7.3

Sage 300 accounting software logoSage 300, formerly known as Sage Accpac is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that connects core business operations, like accounting, warehousing, distribution and manufacturing. It also integrates customer services, marketing, sales, and business analytics into one centralized information system. Specifically designed for small to medium sized businesses, Sage 300 is customizable and extensible, with a complete set of modules for you to add as your business grows, including Human Resource Management (HRMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Here are essential details to know about Sage 300.

Versions and Technical Requirements of Sage 300 ERP Solution

Sage 300 has three different versions: Sage 300 Premium ERP, Advanced, and standard solutions. The versions correspond with the scalability needs of the customers, as defined by company’s size and the number of users. The solution is designed as a multi-tiered structure, meaning it can run on Linux and Windows operating systems with Pervasive, Microsoft or Oracle databases. The system is installed on-premises. However, there is also the Sage 300 online, a web-enabled version of the product.
Top Features

Accounting and Financial Management

The Sage ERP Accounting and Financial Management solution connects sales and service functions for streamlined, end to end financial management. With the Sage ERP accounting and financial management solution, you can make good financial decisions based on comprehensive, robust data. The principal accounting and financial management modules provided by the solution, include sage budgeting and planning, general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, checks and forms printing, multi-currency manager, Sage 300 Integrated Sales and Tax automation among others.

Purchasing Management

The Purchasing Management system allows you to maximize your purchasing power by implementing automated best practices. It also enables you to reduce costs by consolidating inventory and distribution processes and improving cycle times. Examples of modules that make up the Purchasing Management system include purchase order, TrueCommerce EDI, and Sage CRM. The TrueCommerce EDI solution provides all the software, support, and network services need to implement an EDI solution that delivers unparalleled scalability and robust functionality. The Sage CRM allows you to build customer satisfaction and loyalty, while the Purchase Order solution integrates with Inventory Control, Accounts Payable, and Order Entry to enhance efficiency and maximize savings.

Sales Management System

The Sales Management system allows you to improve productivity and profitability. It enables you to establish a strong business management foundation with the core accounting and financial modules that streamline all tasks with unrivaled functionality. Top modules that make up the Sales Management system include Order Entry, Sage CRM, Unisales Analysis and Sage Payment Solutions.

Reports being reviewed by senior staff

Inventory and Warehouse Management

The Sage ERP Inventory and Warehouse Management system allow you to enhance customer satisfaction and accelerate growth. It ensures the business follows best practices for accuracy and efficiency by integrating and automating processes to keep your production, inventory and warehouse departments operating properly. The main Inventory and Warehouse Management modules include Sage Inventory Advisor, Inventory Control, Sage Fixed Assets and Warehouse Management by Accellos.

Customer Relationship Management

The Sage ERP Customer Relationship Management System allows you to build customer loyalty, improve satisfaction and boost sales. With a seamless connection to the CRM system, you can profile, target and track customers for a better bottom line.

Human Resources and Payroll Management

Rely on the Sage ERP Human Resources and Payroll Management solution to automate tasks, simply payroll administration and ensure your HR data is complete and accurate. The commonly used Sage Human Resource and Payroll modules are the Sage HRMS, US Payroll, Canadian Payroll and EFT Direct Payroll.

Time and Project Management

The Time and Project Management solution ensure optimal performance of your services, maintenance, and project management processes at any point. It allows you to make faster and smarter decisions that exceed your customers’ expectations. Designed specifically for project-centric organizations, the Sage Time and Project Management solutions helps you control project cost, increase cash flow and boost efficiency. The main Time and Project Management modules are the Project Job Costing module and the Service Manager by Technisoft.

Sage 300 ERP is a flexible business management system that allows you to save money and time. Whether you want to have an accurate picture of inventory levels, close more deals or free up cash flow, Sage 300 will help you attain your goals. The system can grow as your business grows, allowing you to subscribe for more modules you need.

We host the following third party applications (if it is not listed below and it integrates with Sage 300 or Sage CRM we will host it)

  • Technisoft Service Manager
  • Info Central POS
  • Orion POS
  • Autosimply
  • MISys
  • Orchid (all add on products)
  • Smart Hotel Software
  • Iciniti
  • XM Symphony
  • Sage Inventory Advisor
  • Norming
  • Dataself
  • HighJump
  • Industrious
  • Systronics
  • CPMoore XAPI’s
  • Modulo Software
  • TaiRox software
  • Accu-Dart
  • Pacific Technology Solutions
  • Altec
  • Edisoft
  • eRequester
  • Enabling
  • North 49 Business Solutions
  • Acdev POS
  • Vineyard Soft
  • Wireless Merchant