We provide the best hosting services for QuickBooks. By using our hosting services we take away costly problems and give you peace of mind and let you concentrate on running your business.

We can host the following versions of QuickBooks

  • Quickbooks 2013
  • Quickbooks 2014
  • Quickbooks 2015
  • Quickbooks 2016

We host the following third party applications that integrate with Quickbooks

  • Profile by Intuit
  • Case ware
  • CaseWare QuickBooks Export Utility
  • Telpay
  • DropBox

Quickbooks is an important financial accounting software created for use by businesses. The software has an assortment of features that are aimed to help entrepreneurs in managing their accounting functions, which include financial reporting, credit management, accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Quickbooks is the ideal accounting software for both small and mid-sized businesses. The program is extremely adaptable to many small businesses. Business owners can prepare customized documents and reports according to their needs of activities.

It will save your time when it comes to bookkeeping and paperwork because most of the simple accounting tasks are handled automatically. This makes it easier for you to run your business. With this software, you can also generate the reports to help you know where your business stands. That means you can instantly know if your company is making profits or losses. With this information, you can quickly make the timely decision if you sense any problem with your business finances.

Here are the benefits of using Quickbooks

Money Managment

This program has features designed to help small businesses to manage their money. The software allows the users to enter the payment information and due dates for all the recurring bills. When the bills are due, business owners can print the checks directly from the Quickbooks. Each transaction will be recorded for future reference. Also, entrepreneurs can also link their bank account to this accounting program. Apart from affording the convenience of seeing all your financial records, this feature also helps you to eliminate the paper bank statements.

Managers discussing reports
Expense Billing

When doing business, professionals tend to rack up their costs which they later bill to their clients. Some of these bills may include small purchases. Meals and mileage, or even significant expenditures such as international travel. No matter the size or the type of expense, this program allows the users to record each one of them easily. Also, all expenses can be saved according to job or client, which eliminates the need of reconciling them manually.

User Friendly

The program has been designed to be user-friendly. By the click of a button, you can activate the program’s features. It also saves your typing time by sharing the data between it and many other business software applications such Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word, and ACT. The software is a stable, reliable and proven program.

Sales Invoicing

Quickbooks helps in tracking sales and creating receipts and invoice by the touch of a button. You can send invoices to your clients electronically via email. This program also allows you to bill your customers individually or multiple at one time. The feature that assists you to bill in bulk comes in handy when charging your multiple customers for the same service.


Users of this program can create different financial reports. The reports include expenses, year-over-year income, trends and forecasting documents. Each of these financial reports can easily be exported to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and sent via email.

Accepting Credit Cards

With Quickbooks, you can accept credit cards. The merchant account service allows the users to take credit cards without any problem. The merchant account service is the only available credit card acceptance service that has been integrated with the Quickbooks program. There is no additional software/hardware required to use this service. This means your customers can use their Mastercard, Visa or American Express.

Quick Online Payment

You will be able to receive your payments faster with Quickbooks online payments. By sending statements or invoices using this program’s online billing, your customers will quickly pay you using their credit cards or bank account transfer. This eliminates the use of checks.

You can customize the program

This program allows you to customize it so that it can work the way you want. The accounting software is specially designed to be adaptable and flexible to different types of businesses. And to broaden its appeal, Quickbooks was added some more customized accounting packages to cater for Contractors, Healthcare Professionals, Retailers and Non-Profit Organizations.

Help to design a business plan

With Quickbooks, small businesses can develop their plan of activities, especially when trying to secure a small business loan or plan for the future. The program can create a nicely projected balance sheet, statement of cash flows, and profit and loss statement.