Accounting Software

We provide Hosting services for Accountants and Bookkeepers. Typically our clients experience the following challenges and have decided to use our hosting services:

  • Increasing need for better storage and access.
  • You haven’t got a server yet, and the cost is too high for the software, storage, and backups required.
  • You have staff that requires access to do their bookkeeping work from home or out of the office.
  • We can host your Sage 50, Sage 300, QuickBooks and most SRP software.
  • Once we have a copy of the data, we can have you up and running in 48 hours.
accounting software that is hosted

How hosted accounting software helps a business

Accounting and financial processes are among the most mission-critical businesses conducts since they serve as the backbone of all core operations done across the entire organization. As a result, running a business demands considerable attention to many accounting and financial details. Although many people can manage their personal finances without needing any specialized software, managing a business without an Accounting Software is much more challenging and time-consuming. The software helps organizations to accelerate streamline and enhance accounting related procedures and tasks from end-to-end. Therefore, it can deliver measurable and dramatic value to firms of all types. This article provides the benefits of an accounting software package for businesses.

Improving data accuracy

Nowadays, governments all over the world have stipulated rigid regulations and strict financial reporting regarding accounting practice. In response, organizations need to ensure the accuracy of their financial data to avoid the many legal ramifications of poor accounting practices. These programs fully automate financial transactions and related activities like making the necessary when accountant enter orders or transfer funds. This automation reduces errors resulting from manual data entry while improving information integrity and consistency.

Helping firms to maintain compliance

Recent laws are putting financing and accounting teams under enormous pressure, forcing them to keep looking for new ways to minimize non-compliance risks and avoid severe penalties. An accounting software application can help them to enhance several core activities such as auditing, reporting and analysis, transaction tracking, and data management that directly affect their adherence to regulatory standards. Therefore, companies can use it to facilitate more efficient and faster compliance. Additionally, it offers them the flexibility they need to adjust workflows and procedures and adapt activities as needed.

Increasing staff productivity

The cumbersome, paper-heavy, labor-intensive processes in most finance departments bog down team members by wasting much of time that distract them from more strategic and critical activities. The software solution enables the business to reduce the burden placed on these professionals. By automating most of the repetitive, routine manual tasks, it allows them to utilize most of their effort and time on other processes that directly impact business growth and revenue generation.

Leading to higher revenues

With an accounting software system, finance analysts, business managers, and senior company executives have a complete, unhindered visibility into the firm’s financial status and performance. This insight can help the finance professionals to improve make strategic decisions, and improve budget management and financial planning, resulting in a better revenue stream and a boost to profitability.

Creating new opportunities

The application offers a robust, detailed ad hoc analysis and reporting capabilities. These abilities can help a business to dig deep into its essential financial data to understand and uncover the critical patterns and trends that negatively or positively influence its performance. Executives can combine this application with their intelligence to locate new opportunities to boost enterprise-wide operations, tap into new markets, leverage new income streams, and increase cost-efficiency.  

Encouraging collaboration

Accounting software enables finance departments to share information more efficiently and rapidly that brings greater cooperation and communication outside and across an enterprise.